why pairwise is the right solution for your company

  • Streamlined Recruitment
    AI-Driven Efficiency

    Our platform rapidly matches top-quality candidates to your needs, drastically cutting down time-to-hire.

  • Quality Professionals
    Focused Expertise

    Each project gets dedicated, top-tier professionals, ensuring superior work quality and efficiency.

  • Unparalleled Transparency
    Clear Financials

    Full visibility into your investment, promoting fair pricing and ethical talent management.

  • Risk Minimization
    Legal and Compliance Safeguards

    Comprehensive tools to reduce your liability, coupled with a robust IT infrastructure for ultimate data security.

Our solution enables customers to find better talent at lower costs

15% avg. cost savings

Legacy Services Model

Outdated salesman-centric industry

The professional services industry is broken - incentives are misaligned where both clients and workers are rarely satisfied. These outdated business models are riddled with inneficiencies translating to high costs, slow service, and legal exposure.

  • Up to 30% spent on sales and administrative costs
  • Keep up to 20% in profits
  • Convoluted with multiple layers of middlemen
  • Black box without accountability

Our Solution

Streamlined services platform

We are on a mission to build a new type of services platform, where our job is to simply connect the best talent to our clients. By using AI to streamline our services from top to bottom, we are designed to save you money and improve the customer experience.

  • Automated through AI to reduce costs
  • Minimized overhead costs
  • Simple one-stop solution
  • Fully transparent

AI-Driven Efficiency

Pairwise seamlessly integrates AI recruiting features to streamline your hiring process. By automating the job definition, candidate sourcing, and even the interviewing process, we make your job easier as a project lead.

  • AI job creation tools so you'll never need to spend hours crafting the perfect JD again

  • AI candidate sourcing to help you find a great list of specialized candidates in minutes rather than days

  • AI asynchronous interviewing to vet candidates for your target skill requirements automatically, while giving you visibility into previously vetted skills and certifications

Low Cost Business Model

Traditional service companies often take up to 50% of client budgets in overhead fees. Through automation and AI, we are able to cut our overhead costs by 15%, giving customers a more cost-efficient solution for the same talent, or higher caliber talent for the same budget.

Flexible Self-Service Platform

By integrating all hiring and talent management under a single flexible platform, you can skip the typical back-and-forth and miscommunication, and focus your time where it counts.

  • Tailored hiring experience allowing you to customize every aspect of your hiring process with our user-friendly tools and adaptable platform

  • Unified hiring hub acting as a single point of contact, encompassing all hiring stages for a quicker, smoother, and more cohesive experience

  • Customizable legal templates which are preapproved with the strongest legal protections for our clients, allowing you to find an acceptable service contracts quickly

Full visibility into the financial and operational details of every contract

Clients and talent mutually benefit through full visibility into the distribution of proceeds, exposing precisely how much of each payment is allocated to employee compensation. Through a transparent platformized solution, pairwise eliminates several existing problems for client and talent:
  • Opaque cost structure

    Clients often have limited insight into how their payments are distributed, especially regarding actual compensation paid to talent. Services vendors are incentivized to minimize employee compensation and maximize retained profits, in direct conflict with client’s and worker’s needs.

  • Hidden talent utilization practices

    Many firms engage in practices such as deploying the same talent on multiple projects simultaneously or finding the lowest-cost employees, without disclosing these practices to clients. This can compromise project quality and efficiency.

  • Enhanced loyalty and trust

    Financial transparency fosters a stronger sense of trust from workers, allowing them to be confident that there are no hidden agendas or discrepancies in compensation, which increases overall retention, loyalty, job-satisfaction, and incentivizes stronger performance.

Access to an elite talent pool

Pairwise stands out in attracting elite talent by offering competitive compensation, unparalleled career growth opportunities, and a customizable suite of comprehensive benefits that surpass industry standards. Our platform's unique fusion of flexible freelance work with the stability of full-time employment resonates with top professionals seeking both security and dynamic career progression.
  • Competitive compensation and benefits

    By eliminating excessive overhead fees, our model offers 15% increased compensation and a full spectrum of benefits, allowing us to tap into a pool of candidates that do not typically consider contracting.

  • Stability and flexibility

    Pairwise combines the flexibility of contracting with the stability of full-time employment, offering a consistent income, continuity in benefits, and streamlined transitions between projects.

  • Career advancement opportunities

    A review and performance history system enables candidates to benefit directly from their hard work, enhancing opportunities for professional growth and increased compensation.

Robust Legal Protection

Pairwise is committed to providing the strongest possible legal protections for clients by offering comprehensive legal protection, robust employment insurance, and fully-compliant employment practices.

Client Liability Minimization

Our standard service contracts and statements of work are crafted to comprehensively absorb legal liabilities, significantly reducing clients' risks

Professional Workforce

We exclusively hire W2 employees over $100k, adhering to national exemption standards with full benefits, ensuring legal compliance in salary structures.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Our extensive range of employment insurances, including General and Automobile Liability, Cyber, and Workers Compensation, offers unparalleled protection.

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