Pairwise is an innovative hiring platform using AI to connect elite talent with top companies

Pairwise is reinventing professional services

By blending the best aspects of legacy professional services, freelance marketplaces, and full-time employment, pairwise redefines the employment landscape with a streamlined, modern approach.
Enterprise-Grade Professional Services
Pairwise combines the reliability of enterprise-grade services with strict industry compliance and professional oversight, catering to complex corporate needs while ensuring top-quality project outcomes.
  • Tailored, enterprise-friendly solutions for large clients

  • Full compliance with industry standards and regulations

  • On-site integrated workforce

  • Lack of visibility into financial and performance details

  • High costs due to excesive overheads fees

Modern Freelance Marketpace
Adopting the agility of freelance marketplaces, pairwise offers an easy-to-use online platform for quick access to a diverse talent pool, providing scalability and flexibility in hiring professional contract workers.
  • User-friendly, self-service online platforms

  • Dynamic global marketplace of talent

  • Integrated recruiting, hiring, and payment pipeline

  • Committed to multiple clients with short-term deliverables

  • Lack of compliance expected in professional industries

Full-Time Employment
Pairwise integrates the stability of traditional employment by offering long-term stability with full benefits, ensuring job security and clear career growth for professionals.
  • Long-term salaried employment with a single organization

  • Comprehensive benefits package

  • Integrated IT management and security

  • Inflexible arrangements not suited for short-term projects

Experience the the benefits of all three traditional employment models with our unique integrated solution

  • enterprise-grade services with strict industry compliance
  • easy-to-use online platform for quick access to a professional talent pool
  • well-paid workforce of W2 salaried professionals with benefits

What makes pairwise different?

Explore the features that separate pairwise from existing freelance platforms and legacy services companies

Legacy Services Freelance Platforms
Ease of Use


Convenient self-service platform using AI to streamline and simplify hiring process


Outdated sales practices without convenient interface or tools


Convenient self-service hiring platforms



Commitment to the professional services market (salaries >$100K) with an AI-powered vetting process


Agencies specialize in staffing vetted workers in large professional industries


Emphasis on hourly labor market, which is not a good match for professional industries



Full client visibility into hiring, compensation, and day-to-day work with co-located workers


Operates as a black box, with limited client visibility into worker arrangements


Visibility into hiring and compensation, but remote work offers limited visibility of day-to-day

Cost Efficiency


Designed to minimize overhead fees to offer 15% cost savings to clients


Large overhead fees (up to 60%) resulting in high costs for lower-quality work


Platforms typically take a small commission (10% - 20%) on generally low-cost labor

Legal Protection


Strongest possible legal protections for clients (i.e. covering defense in co-employment cases)


Seek to distance wherever possible in co-employment cases

None ▼▼

Freelancers are independent contractors, and parent platforms take no legal responsibility

Top Market Pay


Market based compensations above traditional employment (through low overhead)


Fixed pay levels across roles suppressing compensation among top talent


Clients pays market rates for clients, which are typically low relative to industry rates



Competitive with benefits at top employers (immigration, bonuses, equity, severance, etc)


Typically limited to health insurance. Immigration benefits come with strings attached

None ▼▼

hourly or short term work typically offers no employment benefits

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