Compensation Calculator

Input your contract cost and select benefits to estimate your total compensation under pairwise.


Total amount paid by clients for a year of your services. This is typically 1.5x-2x of total compensation under traditional services companies.
Enter your billable cost. Pairwise currenly only supports contracts billing at least $150,000 annually.
Benefits Selection
Immigration Sponsorship
Add Immigration Sponsorship Remove Immigration Sponsorship Pairwise facilitates U.S. immigration processes, including H-1B visa applications and Green Card sponsorship
Cost of benefit:
+ $ 4,000
401K Employer Match
Add 401K Employer Match Remove 401K Employer Match Pairwise offers a competitive 100% employer match to boost your retirement savings.
Enter your intended 401k contribution amount to be matched. This should not exceed the annual employee contribution maximum of $23,000.
Cost of benefit:
+ $ 0
Health Insurance
Add Health Insurance Remove Health Insurance Enjoy peace of mind with our premium health insurance plans, offering extensive coverage to keep you and your family healthy.
Cost of benefit:
+ $ 17,000
Dental Insurance
Add Dental Insurance Remove Dental Insurance Maintain your oral health with our dental insurance, covering a range of dental care services from routine check-ups to complex procedures.
Cost of benefit:
+ $ 800
Vision Insurance
Add Vision Insurance Remove Vision Insurance Protect your vision with Pairwise's vision insurance, covering eye exams, prescription eyewear, and more.
Cost of benefit:
+ $ 150
Life Insurance
Add Life Insurance Remove Life Insurance Feel secure knowing that Pairwise provides life insurance coverage to offer financial protection and peace of mind for your loved ones.
Cost of benefit:
+ $ 300


Total Compensation:
$ 127,500
Total compensation is established based on the billable cost of your contract. This includes all forms of compensation such as salary, benefits, and tax payments made on your behalf.
Total Earnings (W2 Income):
$ 117,058
Total income that is reported on your W2, representing all sources of cash compensation.
Base Salary:
$ 61,865
A fixed 'base salary' is allocated out of your total compensation. This amount remains constant, regardless of the benefits you choose.
+$ 55,193
Additional credits resulting from waived benefits and equivalent cash value of unused PTO.
Employer Provided Benefits:
$ 0
Total equivalent cost of enrolled pre-tax benefits.
Government Tax Requirements:
$ 10,442
Employer portion of FICA tax payments.
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